Dear Alumni,

Your time at a UWC school or college is just the beginning. The UWC mission and values aren’t just for when you are a student, they are a lifelong commitment for all members of the UWC community. The beauty and the strength of the UWC network is not just the allegiance alums feel to their UWC school or college, but a sense of being part of a global movement with the UWC values at its heart. Being part of the UWC community will shape and inform you for the rest of your life.

The UWC movement is driven and thrives based on the contribution and dedication of its community members. The endowment itself was started and is carried by UWC alumni and is the key focus for securing the funds for scholarships at UWC Mostar in the future.

To raise more funds from large donors, it is very important to have a large alumni involvement in the endowment campaign. This is because potential donors are much more likely to donate if many – over 70% – of alumni/students donate to the school. This means that even a little donation helps UWC Mostar a lot! Also, if all more than 1000 alumni and their parents donate, we are able to have a big impact. With two different donors doubling all alumni donations, every EUR1 becomes EUR3 instantly!

Thus, as our alumni, you will be able to contribute to scholarships for one student every year coming from a poor socio-economic background attending UWC Mostar. You appreciate more than anyone the benefits of UWC education and the extraordinary life-changing experience that this scholarship will make available.

Thank you and I am sure that with our joint forces we will be able to raise the funds in record time.

Thank you!!

Dženan Hakalović

Dear UWC Mostar community,

All of us at the Alumni Board are excited to continue working with you on strengthening our alumni and student community. Over the last year, it has been a privilege to kick-off a few events and engagements, which allow UWCiM alumni and students to reconnect and develop strong bonds with the College and each other, and we look forward to continuing our efforts. Through our close engagement with UWCiM, we have grown to understand the importance of alumni giving and would like to encourage all of you to participate. Continuous alumni support does not only help the College secure larger gifts and donations from other sources by showing alumni commitment and how much we value UWCiM, but alumni support also helps bolster our community, allows more students to join UWCiM, and helps the UWCiM spirit live on with future generations.

We would like to encourage all of you to donate to the College. Any alumni gifts would go toward the UWCiM Endowment Fund and will be matched 2 times! The funds will be used to support all aspects of the College operations and fund scholarships for incoming student classes. Your gift to UWCiM supports and inspires future generation of students who influence change for the better across the globe.

Thank you for your support!


UWCiM Alumni Board

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Any alumni gift will be matched 2 times so every €1 donated will become €3 instantly. Every donation, small or large, helps UWC Mostar a lot. Thank you!

For those living in the USA who want to donate in a tax efficient way, please donate via UWC-USA. You can also set up a recurring gift and please note the 'EUR1 campaign' reference in your donation.

Thank you to all UWC Mostar alumni have signed up to make a monthly recurring donation or a larger one-off donation. Every cent we raise will be tripled due to the two matching schemes, so we hope you can join us as well.

Financial year Recurring donors Recurring donations One-off donations Total Alumni fund
2017 68 2,581 20,307 22,888
2018 74 1,855 - 1,855
2019 89 3,549 779 4,328
2020 113 2,704 - 2,704
Matched funding bringing to a total of 95,326

With approximately 1100 UWC Mostar alumni we could raise so much more. If we get to a EUR125,000 fund, we can start to give out partial scholarships from the UWC Mostar Alumni endowment fund.