Dear students and alumni,

In our ninth year of existence, and observing what is going on in the world around us, it is clear that having a school like UWC Mostar is more important than ever. This year our school is attended by 166 students coming from 47 different countries and 529 of you have successfully graduated and moved on in different parts of the world. It is always a pleasure to see on the social media or in communication with you how your life paths developed, your university graduation pictures, your first jobs, starting your families. We are even more pleased knowing that we have succeeded to keep a good communication with you in all these years. I am especially thrilled seeing you on the reunions we organized so far and realizing how many wonderful persons have attended UWC Mostar.

This is my fifth year as Headmistress. We have spent these years mostly trying to deal with the consequences of the World Economic Crisis that hit us badly in 2010, as you would recall. We are continuously doing our best to keep this school going and to continue educating talented young people from around the world.

During the last academic year two big events made us look towards the future with more optimism. Firstly, we built our first self-owned student residence and at the same time helped Mostar to have one ruin less in its heart – Old Town. At the moment we are preparing to start the similar enterprise and very soon you will find out about the first steps. Secondly, as you have already heard, the Endowment Fund “Bridge to the Future” was launched. In September 2015 we will be able to enrol eleven students on full scholarships coming from that Fund.

It is very important to have a large alumni involvement in the endowment campaign. This is because potential donors are much more likely to donate if many – over 70% – of alumni/students donate to the school. This means that even a little donation helps UWC Mostar a lot! Also, if all alumni and their parents donate, we are able to have a big impact. With an anonymous donor doubling every donation, we need a total of €100.000 from (ex) students and their parents to fund one student each year, forever! I am pleased to announce that the first €20.000 has already been raised. It will still take time to collect the remaining, but, if we all donate a small sum each month, we will certainly get there. In the guidance below you can find how to subscribe for monthly giving.

Thus, as our alumni, you will be able to fund one student every year coming from a poor socio-economic background. You more than anyone know the benefits of UWC education and the extraordinary life-changing experience that this scholarship will make available.

You can find all the information about how to contribute to this scholarship below.

Thank you and I am sure that with our joint forces we will be able to raise the funds in record time.

Yours sincerely,

Valentina Mindoljević,
UWC Mostar Headmistress
Alumni Mostar
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‘Bridge to the Future’

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Bank Address: Handlesbanken
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Please make a donation by either setting up a direct debit through internet banking, or by donating to the endowment via paypal.

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