The Endowment Appeal has the objective of establishing permanent funding for The United World College in Mostar

UWC Mostar
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UWC Mostar is a highly successful international school for students aged 16 to 18 located in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
The College was founded in 2006 with the core mission of promoting understanding between different national and ethnic groups through education
UWC Mostar was established against the background of the violent breakdown and division of the former Yugoslavia along ethnic and religious lines that occurred between 1991 and 1999
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Since inception in 2006 the College has been exceptionally successful in achieving its core objectives:
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The College is unique throughout the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina in teaching students from Bosniak, Croat and Serb communities in the same classrooms, with the same teachers, in preparation for the same examinations
The College draws in a highly diverse group of students from throughout the world and across Bosnia. All students attend on scholarship and are selected in a rigorous process that is independent of political, ethnic, religious or financial background
The College promotes its principles of mutual respect and tolerance in the local community through the organisation of events involving other young people from all three ethnicities
The College has already established an exceptionally strong academic record, with over 70% of students winning competitive scholarships at world-class universities outside Bosnia
Endowment Appeal
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With the completion of the “pilot” period for which the initial financing of the College was secured, the Foundation of the College is seeking to secure the long-term financing of the College through the Endowment Appeal
This Appeal has the objective of securing permanent funding for the College through the creation of an endowment supported by private sector and public sector donors
Target, Principles & Governance
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The target size for the Endowment Fund is €30M, ensuring permanent funding for operating expenditure for UWC Mostar
This complements the provision of scholarships to UWC Mostar for 25% of the students from UWC National Committees
The Endowment Fund will be founded on the ‘Donor Promise’
The Endowment Fund has established governance structures that ensure that the best-in-class stewardship of donor capital is put in place